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Mike Cunningham – Owner

Embalmer/Funeral Director/Cremationist

 Texas License #113320

Mike Cunningham is a graduate of Cypress College of Mortuary Science and started his career in the funeral industry in 1995. He is currently licensed in Texas, Arkansas, and California and has embalmed over 25,000 cases. He has worked in high volume funeral homes and trade services, medical schools providing long term preservation, and has extensive experience with restorative art. Mike maintains high personal standards of professionalism, service and quality. He consistently exceeds the expectations of those he serves. He is a member of the TFDA and NFDA.

When he is not working, Mike enjoys spending time with his family and friends. He also loves muscle cars, hockey, and playing pinball.


Brooke Shepard – General Manager

Embalmer/Funeral Director/Cremationist

Texas License #12040

Since graduating from the Dallas Institute of Funeral Service in 1999, Brooke Shepard has had a passion for providing exceptional service to her community. Building on her foundation as a funeral director, embalmer and funeral home manager, she has served an integral role in caring for thousands of donors and their families through the UT Southwestern Willed Body Program. Brooke also has years of experience providing transport services to the Dallas County Medical Examiner. She is a proud member of the TFDA, NFDA, and the American Association of Clinical Anatomists.

Brooke’s professionalism, compassion and experience ensure that your firm will be well represented in any situation.

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